Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Story Part 1

Everyone keeps asking the secret of my husband and I losing weight. This is our story. When we first started out Paul had gone in for his annual health screening from work and his cholesterol levels were up and his triglycerides were elevated. He decided he was going to try and do something about it. He told me this as I lie in bed exhausted from the day. I just kinda shrugged my shoulders and thought "whatever." Over the next few days when I cooked dinners he wouldn't go back for seconds or ask for the gooey desserts that we had both craved. I just kept cooking away and not really thinking a thing about it. About 2 months later I finally saw that he had dropped some pounds. Now I love my husband, always have, always will-and I do not like the thought of any other woman catching his eye. So my little brain wheels got jogged a bit that afternoon.

I work in a medical office and we are always talking about losing weight. Get a group of women together and eventually it will end up there. I had always sorta half way listened because I just didn't think much about it. When Paul and I first married I wasn't really bad overweight and I was very healthy. I had gotten into mountain biking, rafting and hiking so I was in great shape physically. Over the next 2 years however; I had been on a binge of cooking and eating whatever I wanted. I listened as the girls at work discussed ways to lose some weight with half a ear and thought well maybe. Our Dr. we worked for knew we all could be healthier and happier. He offered us an prescription to a "diet pill" if we wanted to join in. He said for us to research it and think about it and he would do the same and then we would all decide together.

The next week I decided I was in! Give me something to get me energized and help with appetite. I got my prescription and started taking those little hopeful miracles.Now I do NOT advocate anyone using any drugs as a weight loss cure all-THEY DO NOT WORK FOR THAT! (Just thought I would make sure to throw that in.)  Whoohoo! How I loved the energy I suddenly had. I had bounce in my step that I hadn't had in several years. I started cutting back on foods without even thinking about it. I felt good at last. The first 20lbs I needed to lose just dropped right off. I loved what was happening and I was still eating the way I wanted. Anytime I wanted candy or chips I could just have them. I wasn't eating as much so eat up girlie!

I started at a weight of 226. I think I had lost some right before starting weighing because I had been sick around that time, I know my size 22's were snug and they were wearing well when I weighed that first time. I digress; 20lbs off! This was a piece of cake. I had a pill to make it happen, yeah baby!
After I started that next set for 20lbs I actually thought about what I was doing to myself. I knew from hearing from all the people that had tried the prescription pill before me that as soon as they stopped the medication that the weight came back. I knew I had to change some things about the way I eat.

I started looking for healthy, low fat, sugar free and all the buzz words when I cooked and shopped. I knew I could do this, so what if there was no taste? We were still hungry after dinner, but so what? I chopped up veggies and meats and drank diet coke like a Sahara desert survivor. The next 20lbs just came off right before my eyes. I was hungry and cranky but I was getting to my goal. Heck I really thought I was at my goal. I was thinner than previously and still really wasn't having to work very hard at it.

Then I start thinking about the foods I'm eating and the brakes get slammed on. Why go through the trouble of losing this weight just to gain it back? What good is that going to do?

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